Liquid Vial Filling With Rubber Stoppering Machine


  • Suitable for the filling Volume of 2ml to 100ml.
  • Piston pump / Peristaltic pump filling.
  • ± 0.5% Filling Accuracy.
  • All Contact Parts Made from S.S 316L & framework by S.S. 304.
  • A.C. Variable Drive for speed adjustment.
  • Digital Vial Counter for counting production output.
  • In-feed & Out-feed Turn Table 24” attached with machine.
  • On-line Mechanism.
  • No Vial No Filling System.
  • No Vial Machine Stop System.
  • Machine is equipped with PLC system & printing facility with passwords. (Optional)


Product Rate :

40 to 60 Containers/Min (Two Head)
60 to 100 Containers/Min (Four Head)
80 to 150 Containers/Min. (Six Head)
80 to 200 Containers/Min (Eight Head)

Input Specification :


Container Dia.: 14mm to 56mm
Container Height: 25mm to 110mm
Rubber Stopper: 13mm &20mm Buty

Fill Capacity :

2 ml to 100 ml

Accuracy :

± 0.5% to the filling volume

Optional Accessories :

Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI
Aluminum Profile Cabinet covering full machine

Power Specification :

1.5 H.P., 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hz.

Overall Dimension :

3000mm(L)x 945mm (W) x 1680mm (H) (Eight Head)
1700mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 1680mm (H) (Two Head)
Net Weight: 650 Kgs. Gross Weight: 850 Kgs
2000mm (L) x 850mm (W) x 1680mm (H) (Four & Six Head)

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